Saturday, 10 March 2018

#BBNaija: Angel and Ahneeka predict which pair will be evicted this weekend

Evicted Big Brother Naija contestants, Ahneeka and Angel, have told Pulse which pair they think will leave the house this weekend.
Ahneeka and Angel, who were evicted on Sunday, March 4, also shared which housemate they think will make it to the finals.
While Angel outrightly predicted LIFU (Leo and Ifu), Ahneeka took her time to analyse the nominated pairs.
Which pair they think will be evicted this weekend
I think Lifu will be the ones to leave this weekend.
Tolex, we have not really tested their strength, so I wouldn't say for sure if they are going to leave or not. I mean, Alex has never been put up, so I don't know what she is bagging out here. 
[LMito, as intelligent, strategic and skilful as they are, Anto doesn't really have that strong fan base. Miracle does, so he might be able to pull [them through].
That's why I said that the benefit of the partnership is that one person either drags the other up or drags him down, as the case might be.  
Lifu, for some reason they always pull through, so I don't know. Whatever Ifu is cooking, it's working. Although with the margin this last week, I don't really see them surviving.
Except the CEELO team takes a sleep for the rest of the week. 
Ceelo, those people, I don't understand, but I'm impressed at the work they do. But now that Ceelo is up and Tobi up, let's see.
I was about to say that we know where all that [Ceelo's votes last week] came from.
It's really going to be interesting to watch because we have two strong pairs (MITO and TOLEX), and two other people who are gonna compete with them. 
It could go any way, but I wish them all the best. Sitting out here is weird, so stay in there as much as you can.
On the finalists
I see Tobi, Miracle, Nina, probably Teddy A, and the last spot is between Rico and Alex.
Personally, I don't see a lot of people in the top five, I can't really guess.
Definitely, Rico Swavey is up there, Anto, Miracle, Bambam and maybe, Tobi.