Saturday, 31 March 2018

9 Forgotten Remarkable Destinations around the world (Photos)

Below are the notable and remarkabale forgotten destinations around.
Diamond beach in Namibia:

It has long been believed that once upon a time, you could stroll along any beach in Namibia and trip over a pure diamond in the sand. Once people caught onto this, however, the violence started as it always does when diamonds or oil or anything of value is involved.
Now, you need special permission to visit this region as there are armed guards patrolling a nearby mine site and they don’t like unexpected visitors very much!

Floating Forest, Australia:

The Americans used this vessel to deliver troops across the Pacific during World War Two, and after the war was over they sold it to an Australian business, who in turn neglected it and eventually the shipwreck wound up just off the coast of Homebush Bay in Sydney, where it has sat for so long that a forest has grown onboard and is now overflowing the sides!

Lawndale Theatre, Chicago:

The Lawndale Theatre was a very prestigious that only entertained the elite of the elite back in its hey-day. That was before it was closed down in 1961, where it became a church for the next 40 years. Sadly, any repair work done on the theatre seemed to just open another can of worms and the complex was abandoned in 2004 due to water leakage and various other problems.

Ruined Castle, East Sussex:

The ruined castle of East Sussex is actually quite an important part of southern England’s history, and is so well hidden amongst the surrounding thick forests and winding rivers that people often get complete lost on their way to seeking it out. The end result is worth the journey though – witnesses have confirmed that it’s breathtaking.

Uninhabited Island, Southeast Florida:

It be strike you as shocking that sometimes, entire islands are abandoned for whatever reason! This was the case for this now uninhabited island off the coast of southeastern Florida in the US, which still has odd structures and derelict houses barely standing due to years of neglect since the island’s residents must have randomly decided to up and leave!

Orlando Power Station, South Africa:

Decommissioned or abandoned power stations are always a photographer’s delight, as they provide such an eerie and oddly peaceful environment despite once having the potential to destroy the entire surrounding city. This particular coal fired power station delivered energy to Johannesburg until 1998, when it was closed down and has since become an unofficial tourist attraction and good way to get your bearings!

Abbey of Saint Peter, Black Forests of Germany:

Nestled within a mountain range in southwest Germany, Black Forest is known for its especially thick and rugged shrubbery. People used to actually be afraid of this entire area, and it wasn’t until monks shuffled in and started building stuff that the forest started to contain monasteries – many of which now lay abandoned and crumbling.


Flight “Pegasus” Crash Site, Antarctica:

Wreckages always hold an eerie kind of air about them, because you know you’re in the presence of tragedy when you visit them. The “Pegasus” wreckage near Antarctica’s McMurdo Station is no exception – the plane had a messy landing in 1970 due to poor visibility, and it was a miracle that everyone made it out alive.
Considering the logistics involved with trying to remove the wreckage, the authorities decided to leave it there as a reminder for pilots to be careful… although you’d think it would just make them more nervous, right?

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Just to get a bit of an idea of the sheer size of this structure, it’s bigger than Amsterdam’s entire city limits… and Amsterdam is no little country town. Needless to say, that makes this three-tier building from the 7th Century one of the largest man-made structures in the world, and is regarded as a very spiritual place.