Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Woman Wants Her Huge Bum Implants Removed few Weeks After Undergoing Surgery (Photos)

She now has a change of mind and what the implants removed because she is not enjoying life after the surgery. 
A woman who has spent big to get huge bum implants  wants them removed just weeks later as they’re “too big”. The 28-year-old woman identified as Star Delguidice, from Birmingham, opted for implants double the recommended size and had fat drained from her thighs, arms and stomach to sculpt her perfect derriere.
She flew to Istanbul, Turkey, for the seven hour operation on December 18 but has since decided she wants them removed.
After saving £15,0000 for the bum implant surgery, Star claims she now cries daily as she struggles to adjust to life with her new bum.
Despite going under the knife more than 20 times since she was 18-years-old and spending £230,000 changing her image, Star’s latest surgery has put her off having any further cosmetic procedures.
According Nationalhelm, Star said: “My bum implants are too big and I can’t get used to sitting on it. “I can feel them move and even though I am happy with the overall look, I want them out. “I’ve spent a lot of money since the surgery in December getting scans to ensure the implants are OK.

“I can feel them moving and I’ve only just been able to sit down and even that still feels strange. “Posing for photos is great as it looks huge but it’s just not practical. “I went to Istanbul naive about the aftermath of the surgery, I was in agony when I woke up and I haven’t felt my normal self for weeks now. “I’ve had surgery all my life but this one was by the far the biggest surgery to date.
“I had around 650cc implants which is double the size people normal have at first. “I gained four stone in weight so they could transfer the fat from my body to my bum. “I’m naturally very slim but after gaining all my weight I now need to start toning as I have cellulite .”
She added: “My bum surgery is the final operation for me, I couldn’t go through all of this again. “I’ve had panic attacks since my surgery as I’m convinced they’re going to explode. “I will continue with my Botox and fillers to maintain my looks but I won’t be having anymore silicone.
“I’ve been working on perfecting myself for years but now I have real curves in all the right places I don’t need to go overboard with lip fillers to look extreme.”