Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Checkout how This Cute Little Girl Froze To Death While Her Father Was Sleeping.

So touching. Wynter Parker is a toddler who was found by her mother on a porch in freezing temperatures and later died.
It has been revealed that she had wandered from home when her father fell asleep.
According to the Associated Press, two-year-old Wynter Parker's mother left for a few hours Friday afternoon only to come back and find her unresponsive on their apartment's front porch, authorities said. The Akron Beacon Journal reports she called 911 and screamed "she's frozen." 
The girl later died at a hospital. Temperatures on Friday ranged between 12 and 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-11 and -7 degrees Celsius).
The mother left Wynter with her father for about two hours at the family's apartment, and authorities said the father, who works a night shift, fell asleep. 
No charges have been filed, but an investigation is continuing. Results from an autopsy are pending.
A memorial of stuffed animals was on the porch of the family's apartment building. 

Wynter's mother told a 911 dispatcher that she had no idea how long the girl had been outside. 

The dispatcher then instructed her how to perform CPR while the frantic woman screamed and asked why a rescue squad had not arrived.

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