Monday, 26 February 2018

‘Sowing a Seed Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Tithing’ – Basketmouth

Nigerian ace comedian, Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth is one of the best comedians that has come out of the country, Nigeria and Africa as a whole. His comedies are always in-depth and classic, in that you will have to laugh till you unknowingly get thrown off balance.
The comedian dropped the joke about giving, tithing and pledging on his official Instagram page.
He said;
“Sowing a seed doesn’t necessarily mean tithing, pledging etc. 
Sowing a seed can be anything...... like telling your wife/girlfriend something very off in the morning, just know that you will harvest what you’ve sown at bed. 
This applies to eating beans, moi moi, and eggs before boarding an 11hr flight. Sadly, in this case..... others will harvest what they didn’t sow”.  

See it below as he posted on IG...