Thursday, 15 February 2018

OMG! Russian footballer blows his nose with banknote worth £60, See people’s reactions (Video)

A footballer named,  Stanislav Manayev has come in for intense criticism after posting a video on Instagram where he blows his nose with a banknote worth around £60.
The clip, which has since been taken down, shows 19-year-old Russian Stanislav Manayev handed a wad of cash.
He picks out a note worth 23,000 Naira and says: "I could give this money to people in great need, but I'm not going to because I have a runny nose."
Chuckling, Manayev then blows his nose with the note, scrunches the paper up and throws it away.
It was soon removed following a wave of critical comments from irate Instagram users .

But the criticism doesn't stop there, with Russia's sports minister weighing in.

See people's reactions below....
Pavel Kolobov said: "There is no doubt that this video displays the low cultural education of this player.

"I am quite certain this will serve as a lesson for him."
See the video below...

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