Sunday, 25 February 2018

Lady Shares The Reason Why She’s A Lesbian, The reason will surprise you (Photos)

Now, you may be wondering why someone would want to be a lesbian or gay but people have a right to make choices. Although the act has not been legalized in our part of the world yet, there are still people who are into it. One Nigerian lady has shared the reason why she decided to become a lesbian.
Identified as Keke on Twitter, she revealed that, she’s not a lesbian because of the many reasons girls give but simply because she chose to be one. We’ve heard stories of ladies becoming lesbians because of some bad experience with men or being sexually violated by men but Keke didn’t suffer any of these.
In her tweet, she wrote;
‘I am a LESBIAN.Not because i wasn’t dicked down right,not because a nigga did me wrong,not because men are dogs,not because i was sexually violated by a man,not because I can’t get a man & not because I can’t get dick but SIMPLY because I am attracted to women!!!!’