Friday, 16 February 2018

Former Brazil star Labels Neymar a 'spoilt boy'

With his latest attitudes, do you think it is right labelling him a ' spoilt child'? 
Former Brazilian international Walter Casagrande has lashed out at Neymar to criticise the striker for his attitude after Paris Saint-Germain crashed to defeat against Real Madrid.
Casagrande, who earned 19 caps and scored eight goals for the national team, suggested that he was more of a problem than a talent for his side.

"We are creating a monster and the problem is that some think he is a genius," the former strike exclaimed to SporTV.
"They say they have to take him to another side because he doesn't work well with [Edinson] Cavani.
"He doesn't have the quality of [Lionel] Messi, [Diego] Maradona or Cristiano Ronaldo, who can change a game at any time.
"It makes me uncomfortable that fans and the press keep giving Neymar a pat on the back, he's shown inappropriate behaviour in the team many times."
He is also concerned by how the PSG man struggles with pressure ahead of his leading role with Brazil in the World Cup this summer.
"[Against Real Madrid] he got a card in the first half, with a foul in the second he could have been sent off, that would be disastrous if he did it in the World Cup," added Casagrande.
However, Neymar's father hit back at the claims rapidly.
"In the footballing world we know a lot of people who act like vultures and sometimes take advantage of a microphone and a career as a player," said Neymar Snr.
"I don't say athlete because they had questionable behaviour off the field.
"They take advantage of the defeat, a lost battle, to attack and feed their egos like vultures eating from a carcass."

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