Saturday, 24 February 2018

“Dragon flew away with our newly world bank loaned money $486 million” – Lai Mohammad, presidency

Nigeria seems to have been turned to comic and hypocrite nation in the latest strategies used by Government Officials to launder public funds. First it was a snake that swallowed a huge sum of 36 million naira from JAMB Office, then a monkey stole 70 million naira from a senator, now it's the almighty Dragon.  
An information is coming in that a dragon have made away with $486 million, a loan given to Nigeria by world bank
This was revealed to newsmen by Lai Muhammad minutes after the money was received from world bank, on landing the Nigerian soil, the money was made away by unknown dragon.
Briefing Newsmen after Plenary, Lai Muhammad said that since the money could not be accounted for, or on his bank account the money was transfer into, maybe this time Dragon have made away with the money.