Saturday, 24 February 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo scores his 300th LaLiga goal, 41 matches quicker than Messi

World no: 1 footballer and Real madrMa star player, Cristiano Ronaldo has yet again reached another milestone in his football career in lalLal even as he has reached his 300th goals count for the laliLa giant, Real Madrid.
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Alaves' Fernando Pacheco conceded the 299th and 300th goals of Cristiano Ronaldo's LaLiga career on Saturday afternoon.
Impressively, the Portuguese has hit this milestone quicker than Lionel Messi managed to.
This clash with Alaves was the No.7's 285th LaLiga appearance for Real Madrid, whereas Messi had already played 326 minutes by the time he hit the target of 300 league goals.
It's an amazing goalscoring ratio for Ronaldo, who is currently coming up with 1.05 goals per LaLiga appearance.
Messi still leads the way on the all-time list, while Ronaldo is comfortably in second, with 49 more than Telmo Zarra.